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"I’d buy a used 1 series taylor, or a used composite martin first. Next down the list would be a used Seagull, then at the bottom, a Yamaha. All of these can come with electronics."

He also gave me the advice priorly -- which I ignored, and learned the hard way was good advice -- always buy an acoustic in person, always try it first.  You seem to be already doing that.

PS  I was kidding about the Martin and the Daisy Rock in the prior post.  I blame alcohol.

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13 hours ago, naamanf said:

I picked up a new one.

Which one? If you can get a Taylor or a Martin for the 300$ you stated on the first post it'd be my choice too, but there's no way you can find such thing over here.

Nevermind, I've just seen at another thread that it's a Taylor. I wish you enjoy it :)

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Meanwhile ...

Gibson files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

"As NPR has noted in the past, filing for Chapter 11 protection does not mean that a company is doomed to fail; instead, "it's a way for companies that can't pay their bills to not die."

The petition, filed on Tuesday, notes that the company currently has up to $500 million in debt ...






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They'd need to get back to build guitars as they did in the 60s and 70s to get my money for a new one :rolleyes: I'm rather sure the guitar manufacturing brand won't disappear, they just need to sell all the other brands, from the pianos to the speakers and a few buildings. to recover viability.

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This is my Jim Redgate double top classical guitar, I received it on Monday after waiting over a year to be built. This replaced my Dan Kellaway lattice braced guitar which I had for 20 years. It’s an incredible guitar, it’s loud with a big dynamic palette, and a beautiful tone with amazing even balance throughout.

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