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The only thing I have in my pedal notes is "I want an Aqua-Puss and a Sweaty-Puss or whatever those things were called."


Looks like a Mahogany GS-Mini with an SKB EPS Foam case would be my best bet for a travel guitar but I am not sure it is really worth dragging a guitar around everywhere.

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I ended up going with a Voyage-Air travel guitar.  Seems to be the best of both worlds as I get an OM guitar, with full scale 1-3/4" nut that in everything I have seen sounds very good.  Unfortunately the shop had to order so it will not be in until after I take off on this first leg of the NBA trip.



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Stopped to pick up my new Voyage Air and my freshly Plek'd / upgraded Gibson at the store tonight.  The Voyage Air sounds really good for something that fits in a back pack.  Quite a bit better than I remember the GS Mini sounding.


Also picked up a ceramic and a brass slide to try out.

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Just found out that PRS made another baritone, and in purple no less:


...but no Bigsby option.  :(
I mentioned that to them on Facebook, and they said they could do it, and to contact their Tech Center, but their tech center couldn't do it.  ("Unfortunately we could not install one as the bridge will not work for one and the neck angle is to low for the bridge that will.")


Oh, well, there's still the Gretsch.

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Trying to choose between a couple of guitars.  Neither of which I can try out locally.


Guitar #1 - Gibson Nashville Custom Shop '59 Re-issue ES-335 in Cherry




Guitar #2 - Collings I35 Deluxe Carved Top with Lollars Humbuckers.




The Collings would actually be a bit cheaper and I really like the looks better I think.  It would also come with the lifetime warranty which would be nice.


You guys ever played either guitar, have any advice?

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