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Best In-Ear Headphones I've Owned - MEElectroincs M9P


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I've owned a lot of different headphones throughout the years, including V-Moda Crossfade LP, Beats Detox, Jays a-Jays Four, Beats Tour, Noontec Zoro HD, Klipsch S4i and so on.

I always went by the thought that more expensive is better.

And then I bought the MEElectroincs M9P.

They have an inline mic, which is nice.

Their sound quality is absolutly great, great lows, good mids, great highs.

The bass is very accurate, and stays the same even with the volume at maximum.

Same thing about the treble.

The MEElectroincs M9P looks good ,too. (I get compliments all the time about them)

A huge plus about these is that unlike many other in-ear headphones, while wearing these, you won't hear the cable moving and knocking stuff. (a pretty annoying thing) 

Long story short, these headphones sounds like a 200$ headphones, and for some very wierd reason cost only 17$.  O0

Here is the link for where I've purchased it from: Brengafobavia

Please don't come back.


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