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Death By Carbs - Bread and Dough Making


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Still baking, a lot - sharing mostly at work (and a few locally).

Had a little bit of a strange very long fermentation week (last week), normally it takes about 24 hours to make a loaf, this was a lot longer. Had very interesting super fermented outcome - also very tasty. 


Wed morning - start fermentation of Oat Porridge 300g oat flakes - 600g water - 30g starter
Thursday Morning start Levain (100g flour - 100g water - 25g Starter)

(I didn't make loaf on Thursday night for Friday bake like normal)

Friday cook Oat Porridge - was getting pretty sour.
Sunday Morning - Feed Levain (after 5 days of fermentation) with 200g flour 200g water.

Sunday evening - Add:
200g Rye Flour
200g Spelt Flour
300g Whole Wheat flour
300g All purpose flour
760g water

+30 min, Then:

30g salt
30g water
600g oat porridge 

3 hours of lift and turning every 30 minutes - formed final loaves - proofed overnight in fridge - baked at 6am.




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So I revised a method that I put aside for a while. Stambler method.


The starter had been in my fridge for months - not being used or touched. Took it out on Saturday - refreshed it - it seemed to come to life - So yesterday I fed it again and turned it into a couple loaves. And wow I really liked the results. 

simple 70% All Purpose - 30% Whole Wheat - 75% Hydration.

Made pretty (and tasty) loaves this morning. 





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Still working with my non-birth year starter...

I am baking two loaves - twice a week these days - and sharing at work. -- This is one I liked - and had good results. 

Oat Porridge       

AP          - 600g 50%  
Whole     - 300g 25%  
Oat         - 300g 25%  

H20        - 950g 79%

Salt         - 29g  
Oat Porridge 600g  


Bake was
@500 covered for 15 Minutes
@500 uncovered for 10 (forgot to turn oven down)
@450 for 5
@450 on oven rack for 25%

They were heavy and big suckers.. But very nice and the bake was good. 
Crust was nice and crisp - crumb was moist (expected for porridge loaf), but not too sticky. There was a lovely sweetness on the palate - rest of the nuttiness and oatiness are light but nice.

bread pics - 









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Thanks -- after several hundred loaves now - I am starting to get the hang of it, getting to know how to read the dough during the fermentation, how it 'feels', how it looks, how it reacts. Every loaf I make is an experiment - different methodology - different mix - always learning ... hope to continue.. 


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So I found a place with Millet Flour, So I have been playing with various combos over the last few weeks. Hit on a pretty good one. 

Millet/Barley Wild Yeast Sourdough      

  • AP          - 600g 50%  
  • Whole     - 300g 25%  
  • Millet      - 150g 12.5%  
  • Barley     - 150g 12.5%
  • H20        - 1025g 87%
  • Salt         - 30g  

Bake was
@500F covered for 12 Minutes
@450F uncovered for 13
@450F on oven rack for 20

A little dense, but good posture and texture - the Millet does not help with the rise, but adds lovely flavor. It has a lovely sweetnes along with the grain and sour notes. Coated with cracked Barley for extra crunchy goodness bits. 






Second loaf.






(I want to play with some Indian Millet next)



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