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STAX Sigma Headphone Repairs


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Any Sigma can be fixed or fitted with new drivers but not everybody is up for that. 



Hi Spritz,


   I just ordered a normal bias Sigma off eBay with a defective driver. No problem with repairing, is the procedure to buy a Lambda and take it apart? Any special tips otherwise?

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Yes the repair was somewhat more than the headphones, but cheaper than taking a working Lambda and tearing it apart. 


It's fine, these are hard to find these days. To tell you the truth I'm not sure I'll even like them. I went to headphones to get away from from speakers after all. The sound stage bothers me not at all, in fact I like it because it sounds like I'm a musician playing in the group (I'm a lifelong classical musician). But, I've fallen hard for Stax, after having given up on decent audio reproduction for about 10 years. I have to hear what they sound like. Also have the 4070 coming in, and a 009 and a 007 for comparison :)


Otherwise I'm not interested in farting around with 007-mk1, 404's or whatever else. 

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"Otherwise I'm not interested in farting around with 007-mk1, 404's or whatever else."


Famous last words, I received a 007mk1 early version (carbon box) and have 404's. 


On the Siggy they're finished and on the way. Look beautiful, the repair shop offered to buy them from me :)

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