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World Cup 2014


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I'm afraid that as long as the USA can't develop even a single elite offensive player, we are doomed to results like this.  We've developed several elite goalies, maybe an elite defensive back or two but no elite mid-fielders or forwards.


Today was especially frustrating because the defense played well (except for the panic around the first goal) and Howard played the game of his life.  The offense, however, played scared all day long.  They rushed every chance they had (I didn't see the USA goal) and never came close to scoring when it counted.


Hopefully, someday we'll develop an elite player that can take over a game.  I'm surprised it hasn't happened by now.

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You can certainly win without an elite forward or midfielder, look at Belgium.


You can beat lesser team, yes.  But I don't believe that Belgium has ever won the cup.  I don't think that this will be their year either.


USA was not close to playing at Belgium's level today (except for the goalie).  Unless we got lucky, it was just a matter of time until one of the incessant attacks resulted in a goal.    Without Howard's heroics, the score could easily have been 5-1.  Belgium could attack at will.


As far as USA development of forwards and midfielders, have we produced one that matched any on Belgium's teams?  I doubt we've produced any that come close to Belgium's better forwards and midfielders.

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