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Songs You Came Across On Some Streaming Service And Thought Your Head-Case Buds Might Enjoy Too. No Critical Endorsement Implied. Fuck Vevo etc.

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It has an energy for sure! Speaking of which, YouTube served this up tonight. They get me.  

Ha --- Corrected Audio "When I proudly showed my partner Kamilah "Two Suns in the Sunset" on YouTube on Sunday morning, I freaked out because the acoustic guitar entry was a good 5db down in leve

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Tried to figure out who the soprano is on this version of Miserere (the one pictured, hits the high notes):

Looks like it's a one Josephine Stephenson.  While trying to figure out whether she ever sung Solvejg's Song (Grieg), found out she does a lot of work in the alternative music community, not just classical choir:

(She's not Elena Tonra, I know that, I think she's playing keyboards and singing backing vocals.)

She's 1/3 of Listenpony, whatever that means (this one is weird):

And I don't know what this has to do with anything (edit: I do now, she directs the choir on backing vocals), I just like it (RIYL Kate Bush):


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