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Songs You Came Across On Some Streaming Service And Thought Your Head-Case Buds Might Enjoy Too. No Critical Endorsement Implied. Fuck Vevo etc.


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On 2/17/2019 at 6:09 PM, Voltron said:

I came across this band drinking in Tahoe City, not streaming, but you can check them out by streaming if you wish. Pronounced krung-bin, obviously. 


I'm way behind on this very cool thread.  This one hit the sweet spot for me on a lazy Saturday catching up on some reading and with friends.  Very cool!


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...in your country.  It's "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" by Human League.  The lead synthesizer has this funny little out-of-tune warble to it, but it works (for me).  The mix is what's interesting -- everything these days is put through reverbs and cab emulators and room simulators and produced all to hell.  This sounds like it was run straight into the desk (as a lot of synthpop those days were).  It gives it this raw edge that I hardly ever hear any more.  How about this one:


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