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Songs You Came Across On Some Streaming Service And Thought Your Head-Case Buds Might Enjoy Too. No Critical Endorsement Implied. Fuck Vevo etc.

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It has an energy for sure! Speaking of which, YouTube served this up tonight. They get me.  

Ha --- Corrected Audio "When I proudly showed my partner Kamilah "Two Suns in the Sunset" on YouTube on Sunday morning, I freaked out because the acoustic guitar entry was a good 5db down in leve

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"You should know that a man with the power of nature can bring you to the end of your luck.  And you should know by my stride and the look in my eye that you are about to be massively f...orced to give up!"


(ancient yodel of peace, wisdom, and justice)

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17 hours ago, swt61 said:

It's not old, but it is really good. Not familiar with her, but want to hear more!

How the shit do you not know who Lana Del Rey is? Even Stupid Colin likes her. She transcends the "taste/bad taste" border.

I was introduced to her on some sampler which had either Blue Jeans or Video Games by LDR and Hawk by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. Such a great that that was for me.


She's also done Summertime Sadness which you have probably heard in the background somewhere in the past 2-3 years.



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I ran into her music a couple of years ago.  If memory serves me she's a bit of a trip in real life.  

I dig the edge she puts into the old school style and she's certainly not hard on the eyes.  Nice to see proper videos made these days.  Before MTV went seed with non-stop reality TV B.S.


I was in a heavy '80s rotation today and the streaming service tossed me this tune I used to listen to quite a bit...



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2 hours ago, swt61 said:

I have a boombox, but it doesn't tell me about new artists. One that did that would cost 3 BAI or more.

I've actually seen a couple of people out in the streets walking around with a ghetto blaster these past few years, and one was even on their shoulder. The '80s are coming back! 


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