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DACSes peeps, your opinion please...


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My brother left his Apogee Centaur speakers with me to sell when he left for South America. I've had an ad on US Audio Mart for quite awhile, and while it has attracted some responses (including 1 local, but couldn't meet up the same night he was looking at some Maggies), has not resulted in getting rid of these for my brother.


I just got an offer for a trade for a Monarchy m22A, plus some Tek Line power cord. Anyone have an opinion on this DAC? It certainly would seem easier to sell for something without requiring me to pack or crate the speakers (dude would come and pick them up).


Thanks for any input!


p.s. And I know this is more like a bar... I am drinking a Sierra Nevada right now 8)

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Thanks for the thoughts. The Monarchy uses PCM63-Ks, which I think are still pretty well thought of. The particular unit has been modded by Stan Warren, and he was going to include some power cord (Tek-Line?) as well. The power cord has little value to me, but I thought the DAC would be easier to ship (and pack) than the speakers.


Reks, really cheap if you can swing the Apogees! Shoot me a pm if interested.

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The Stratos (which Reks has) runs these quite well. The larger full range ribbons were somewhat the reason that Krell came into being though, hence the nuclear power amp comment :)


My brother used a Class D Audio SDS-254 that he and I built after he blew up his Counterpoint. He liked the Class D better than the Stratos with the Apogees, and better than a pair of Bel Canto Ref 1000 he borrowed from a friend. I have this amp as well and it is available, also cheap. The power supply was upgraded with Panasonic TSHA caps IIRC (I soldered them in).

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