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I don't know what a Leesa mattress is, but it makes me envision a blow-up doll.



Well when you have "pillows" like that, they're bound to sag at some point.

Is it just me, or does that doll have a bit of a Sheryl Crow thing? In the face only, of course.

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So I have had the leesa mattress for over a week now. I am not sure if it is the right one for me. It has an initial softness but then conforms and has good support. My only real issue is that I have trained myself to be a side sleeper to help with snoring and better rest. I have noticed solder pain starting to come on as I continue to use the new bed. At first it caused me to have a lot of tossing and turning, but now that I have settled in, the pain has come in.  I will continue to use this one for a bit (I have 100 days), but I may order up another bed in the meantime (Casper or Tuft & Needle)


But it was fun to unpack...










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What frame do you have Mikey? 

I have been using my latex mattress for a couple of months.  It is firmer than I thought it would be but conforms to my body.  I don't have trouble sleeping on my side in it so maybe it's not too firm, it just takes some getting used to not sinking into the bed.   I got the 9" X-firm/Firm/Med.  I think getting an extra later of "soft" on top might have been nice.  I guess I can always do that in the future if I wanted.  I am also fairly small person so maybe I don't sink as much and a FIrm/Firm/Med would have been better.  

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^  You are only cool if you get one of these beds.



Free returns with no questions asked is awesome.  I tried about 5 different mattresses before I settled on the one for our guest room and my daughters (big girl bed).

My daughter has a Naturepedic and our guest room has a Tuft and Needle.

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^ Memory foam is also very sensitive to temperature from a firmness perspective. 

 I remember a number of years ago we drove up to visit the in-laws during the winter.  My wife threw her memory foam pillow in the trunk and by the time we got there it was a brick.  Took a good 48hrs+ to soften up again.

I have shoulder pain with memory foam as well... doesn't seem to be the right type of support for side sleepers, not sure why it would matter, but I have never been able to get use to the Tempurpedic at my in-laws.

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We just bought a Tempur-pedic Prima hybrid coil mattress with Ergo+ base and had it delivered last week.

We slept on it for the first time Friday night, after I went home from the hospital. I started with this bed already having low back pain, so I had to see the chiropractor twice this week to get the back pain in a better place for evaluating the new bed.  

It's a bit firmer than our old generic 10" Thera-pedic memory foam mattress, so I don't sink down into a warm soft trench that I can't roll out of (like before). The old mattress didn't support my low back, causing my back to be in a similar hunched over position while laying on my back as if I was hunched over a computer desk.

Now I can roll onto my side, but still not have hip or shoulder pain on my side.  I'd like a little bit more low-back support for when I elevate my feet, so I stuffed a memory foam pillow back there last night, when I raised the feet or head of the bed.  If this doesn't work out then we're considering the Tempur-pedic with the adjustable air bladders.

Also, the Ergo+ base moves you head farther away from the headboard and night table when it's raised, while the $500 more expensive vibrating base keeps the head of the mattress up against the headboard when elevated.  So, while we don't need vibration, we'd like to not have a huge gap between the mattress and headboard when the head is elevated.  If we upgrade the mattress we might do both - we have 4 months to decide for 100% credit towards the more expensive bed.

Has anyone had experience with this bed or the one we're considering if this doesn't work out?

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Going to buy a Casper mattress for the guest room at my parents' house and need to order it today.  Anyone have complaints about it yet? 

Can someone send me their $50 off code?  I believe you will also get $50 for referring a friend. 

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I am not sure the Casper offers discounts any longer.  Haven't seen them flowing around lately.

Not to throw a fork in you plans, but you might want to consider these guys... they are newer and offer customized bed-in-a-box mattresses.  Simply fill out their questionnaire and it will make a recommendation.  Priced quite well too


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