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$250,000 worth of headphones stolen from audeze


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I've heard no mention as to whether or not they had insurance.  Every commercial lease I've read has a provision requiring the leasee obtain insurance.   If they catch the thieves, they ultimately will be ordered to pay restitution.   

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I posted a link on reddit.  Hopefully awareness of this crime helps solve it.  I know reddit played a role in catching the thieves that ripped off TTVJ Audio.  Let's hope for the best!


edit:  I also shared this on Facebook.  If anyone else has any ideas on how to spread the word, please let me know.

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Saw this posted 2 days ago on another forum. Wouldn't want this sort of shit happening to anybody, any individual and any business of any sort.


To be honest though judging from the way the Stereophile article was written about the thieves avoiding detection and was all professional alike, this sounded like an inside job with help of one its employees or somebody who has been inside there HQ, I mean the LCD headphones ain't cheap, but it takes a person who know where's what and how to move shit to rob $250,000 worth of headphones in over a few hours early in the morning. 


Could be a disgruntled ex-employee who use to work at Audeze. Somebody with enough knowledge and familiarity to know where things are but not kept up to date with knowing (for example the new EL-8 headphones) are stored in there warehouse.


This ain't exactly like the TTVJ case where some of the amplifiers robbed were already high 4-5 digit priced gears. 


Maybe due to the latest boom in head gear audio, maybe we are dealing with a new syndicate targeting specific companies and stores and businesses?


My 2c.

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