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ackDac -- replace battery or new DAC?

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A friend of mine has an ackDac whose battery just died, and he's wondering if it's worth it to replace the $75 battery (if he even can?) or if there's a good current DAC for around $200 that he should just upgrade to.  I'm long since out of the market for DACs in that price range -- anyone know?


Doesn't even need USB, just RCA.

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I still have a dAck (2.0) and I like the sound as I do for the ''older'' generation sound (my California Audio Lab is still going surprisingly strong).


Not sure if the new 200$ dacs (and less) are a good option because there's a real possibility that the 125$ investment over the simple battery replacement will not provide a superior sound against his ''vintage'' dAck.



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You can probably figure out a replacement battery without tooo much work. 


No idea what it *needs* but are there any markings on the battery? Google that. 


If you can figure out what voltage the battery was, and dont mind having something kind of ugly, it should not be too hard to find a not-quite-drop-in replacement that works perfectly. 

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