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Come on now, nobody even knows what boogie can do this year. Y'all so sure about a dude with 1 working Achilles? And I highly doubt a healthy boogie wants to re-sign for practically free.

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Quite robust fellows up close!  

Sorry for the golden state folks, but a MASSIVE congrat to Dr John (jvlgato) on getting to see a team he's a fan of win for the first time in his entire life! (And that's any sport) I've had it g

Thanks, Bryan! It's true, this is the first Cleveland championship in my LIFETIME! And I'm 51 years old! My Dad bought season tickets for the Cavs' first, expansion year season. I have a picture of

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It is only a 1-year deal for him to rehab and rebuild his value. If things end well he leaves next season on a max deal to somewhere else. The Warriors won't be able to afford him past this year.

He is also coming off a major injury and has been a locker room cancer for most of his career.

That all being said, HOLY SHIT! The Warriors starting 5 could very well be the greatest starting lineup in the history of the sport.

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The only buzzer beater in game 7 history!

What an incredible capper to a 2nd round for the ages. 3 of the 4 series were phenomenal and riveting until the final minutes of the close-out games.

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truly ridiculous end to 2019. very happy for toronto. Kawhi is well on his way to a legendary career be it in canada or (most likely) elsewhere. board man deserves a lot of make-up respect from social media and other fuckers from last season's injury debate.

speaking of which... can't believe the bad luck for golden state. 2020 will be weird for them, Steph in particular.

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Just crushed as a Bay Area resident today. I would have been fine with getting blown out by 20 and swept in four games if it meant Klay and Kevin could be healthy. Having both of them looking like they will miss most (if not all) of next year is devastating for them as individuals, for the team, and for the NBA which will be without two of its stars.

If Klay didn't get knocked out of the game last night this thing goes to a game 7 and we'd have had a damn good shot at it. It was over for us the moment Klay came down badly.

Congrats to Toronto for taking advantage and getting it done. A lot of the guys on that team are great vets that I have a lot of respect for.

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