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My goal for my first timed autocross with the Porsche Club was to be faster than at least one 911. I really wanted to send someone home in their sports car knowing they got beat by a practical family four-door.

I felt like I could go quite a bit quicker, but mission accomplished.


Only car I’m sad I wasn’t faster than was the Dodge Challenger. The rest of them I had no chance of beating if they were driven competently.

This is a very fun hobby other than the long drives to and from the remote locations where they host these things.

Doing another one in two weeks.

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Plug-in Lambo, anyone?




"The powertrain alone sounds bonkers: a 813hp, 6.5-liter V12, bolstered by three electric motors for a combined 1,015cv (a metric unit of horsepower that translates to 1,001hp)"

So a metric shit-tonne of Horsepower?





get them while you can!



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