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My goal for my first timed autocross with the Porsche Club was to be faster than at least one 911. I really wanted to send someone home in their sports car knowing they got beat by a practical family four-door.

I felt like I could go quite a bit quicker, but mission accomplished.


Only car I’m sad I wasn’t faster than was the Dodge Challenger. The rest of them I had no chance of beating if they were driven competently.

This is a very fun hobby other than the long drives to and from the remote locations where they host these things.

Doing another one in two weeks.

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Plug-in Lambo, anyone?




"The powertrain alone sounds bonkers: a 813hp, 6.5-liter V12, bolstered by three electric motors for a combined 1,015cv (a metric unit of horsepower that translates to 1,001hp)"

So a metric shit-tonne of Horsepower?





get them while you can!



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Another fun weekend out autocrossing! Vroom, vroom!

I never was able to put a clean run together and felt like I left at least a second or two out on the track, but we still were able to beat some of the modern 911 drivers.

I was the only crossover in the field, and the most common thing I heard was "my wife really wants one of those!" I take it as a compliment.

A few random observations:

  • Had a ride along with my instructor driving his GT3. I see why people go crazy for them. What a machine. So much grip. I want one. Badly!
  • There was a 911 Turbo in my run group and I can't believe how fast that thing is in a stright line. He was probably the second heaviest car in the field after me.
  • Watching the older cars run the course is my favorite. They look so majestic out there and I'm glad the owners don't baby them.
  • After-market exhaust on most cars is so stupid. You already are driving a sports car with factory sport exhaust. Making it twice as loud is silly.


Some random photos I snapped. 







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A few more autocross shots from my event Sunday. Loving autocross. It is like cars and coffee and racing in the same day, only the folks all actually drive their cars they way they were meant to be driven!image.pngimage.pngimage.png


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I had fun tracking these two back-to-back at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas. Expensive to lap their cars, but where else are you going to get to drive them on track at pace?

I can see why KG bought the C8 w/ z51. It is a riot to drive and the v8 sounds amazing.

My lap times were quite a bit faster in the GT4 despite the horsepower advantage of the C8. Porsche cars are just so easy to get in and get up to speed and the GT4 is no exception. They make you feel like a better driver than you really are.  The bigger, heavier 'vette felt like it might bite if you didn't keep a handle on it. I can't even imagine how quick the z06 version must be.

I somehow was fastest of the day and 12th fastest of the month, which I am very happy about. I think it is because I know from auto-crossing how to find the limit of what the tires will do and use that to carry a more speed in the medium and slow corners than the other drivers in higher horsepower cars. I also am used to driving a pretty quick car so the speed doesn't scare me the same way it would someone who isn't used to what a modern sports car can do.

My lines and brake points sucked, but the instructors riding along gave great advice. I've got to be a lot smoother on the big track than I am on the autocross given the speeds involved. Unsettling the car at 60mph vs 100mph feels pretty different! Rolling on to the pedals really helped vs just smashing the brake and letting the ABS figure it out.

In case you wondered how they feel confident letting people off the street walk in and drive 700hp cars with a minimal safety briefing, each car had the brake pedal wired so that the instructor had their own brake pedal in the right side seat so they can save you from yourself.


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