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postjack welcomes new headcase members thread


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@charliebrewer welcome to headcase! i hope you are having an awesome day. what are your labor day plans? always good to have a long weekend right? i'm pretty excited myself. i'll be spending the weekend on Mobile bay with my family eating various grilled meats and reading charles stross (atrocity archives, my first time delving into the laundry world).

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I thought all the flavor was in the curves.  

You know, I was going to say 'incorrect', but this may actually be correct.  Curves just parts of the bacon outside of the melting bacon fat and/or press certain portions against the grilling surface more continuously, giving us three regions of cookedness to the bacon, ranging anything from burnt to steamed, giving us that classic meat and carbon flavor.

Not necessarily a good thing, though, that carbon flavor.

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Even though his name is redundant, I'll take over and welcome our newest member. 

Welcome SexySteve. Despite the name, this site has little to do with headphones or audio of any kind. If you're not into bikes, guns, knives, Bar-B-Que paraphernalia, expensive cars, biscuits and alcoholic beverages, please move along.

Hey wait a minute, what the fuck am I doing here?

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Sadly, several new members are left unwelcomed.  Apparently, this would happen on Postjack's forum.  <_<

man I have been so slack! apologies all. Work has been busy and afterwards all I do is watch Rick and Morty or Mr robot. I'll step up my welcoming game.

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Welcome back Ari! I was about to put your picture on the side of a Head-Case milk carton.

someone please send me a carton of this head-case milk (assuming its non-alcoholic milk).

Welcome @FreeSky! I hope you are achieving satisfaction in your quest for headphones. Listen up: you can save a LOT of money on glasses buy ordering from Zenni Optical. The hardest part is getting your pupillary distance correct, which is something your eye doctor usually doesn't provide. You could of course just ask them for it like a human being, or you could do what I did and measure them yourself like a crazy person. Eventually I got it right and I have an awesome pair of glasses I paid like $50 for, pretty sweet.

alternately you could have someone shoot lasers into your eyes to fix them but that sounds crazy to me. no lasers in postjack's eyes! no ma'am no sir.

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I'd like to introduce my friend DilbertProgrammer, who has signed up and then not posted. He is very good at reading Welcome PMs, and you can make fun of his driving style during our nightly Project Cars adventures. This man enjoys buying things, so make him buy your old crap that you don't want anymore.

He has never given me a biscuit, and he has a fairly epic beard. These two things should help ease him into the constant beratement he deserves.


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