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Closed - Group Buy - Caps 680uF/550V

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May I join for 4 caps or it is too late ?

We probably close the ordering in one-two weeks from now. An order has been made to secure our spot in the production queue, and Jay made it explicit that the order most likely would grow. So fell free to join in, or adjust the amount you want.

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In order for preparing the upcomming shipping of Caps / Circlotron boards / Carbon boards for those who selected combined shipping, I would like every participant to write me a mail ([email protected]), in the subject field write: Head-case ID, Shipping; e.g. "sorenb, Shipping".

The mail body containing three sections:

1. Your complete adresse, as you want it to be printed on the package
2. The way you want to have it declared; please explain if you want your package declared in a certain way in order to have it through customs without additional hassles.

3. If you want to have enclosed a note in the package, please state the wording you prefere.



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Can you already give an indication when the caps will be ready for shipment?

Most caps are set for week 43, the remainder for week 46.

Jay is currently trying to get everything delivered at the same time.

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