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Show Me a Hero

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The first episode certainly focused on introductions. Story came into focus by the second. Watched the first again with another and it was interesting how much happens in the background that shows up quickly after. 

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I've thought a lot about this show since I finished.

Maybe it's because I was involved in various protest movements in the 70's or having lived in upper state NY and known guys who were pushing their way into local politics there (always wondered whey smart folks would do that to themselves).

Is it me, or were things much more black and white back then? I tend to think it's part of getting older and realizing that the guys I thought were genuine "bad guys" (like the character played by Alfred Molina) are just displaying the wrong flaws and are on the other side of the debate from me.

Or maybe it was the way middle class guys were raised to think that they are all destined for some sort of greatness, to somehow stand above the crowd and be recognized for their achievements.

Or is it simply that we were innocent enough to believe that life was fair and having a "good heart" is enough to carry you.

Sorry for the dribble but I love it when a show makes me stop and think a little.

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Finished it in three days. Fantastic! What a touching story. Who is the "hero" though?

Take my opinion on this one with a grain of salt as 1) I'm an attorney who 2) spends lots of time in council meetings, and 3) my firm participates in financings for low-income multi-family housing projects.

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