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KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

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I took the AC filament directly off the windings of the Antek transformers for the BH and GG. 

And yes, B+, B-, bias and +/- 15V for the JFET front end (I use +/- 18V) are all you need for Carbon. Add filament supply for GG and BH. Plus supply for the HV delay if you decide to implement it (I recommend you do).



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13 hours ago, mwl168 said:

I need to correct myself. The above statement should be "Both boards have the built-in HV soft-start circuit...". 

The soft-start circuit is intended for HV delay but the "delay" part needs to be implemented separately off board. There are many such delay modules available on eBay or you can simply wire a manual switch like I did. 


13 hours ago, jose said:

I use an arduino controlling an SS relay on the primary  of HV transformer. You can also use a circuit similar to T2 (with a LM555). It's very easy to do.

or 4093 - used by Stax, Kerry and myself.

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