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It's Alive!

Now that my PC has been taken off life support by upgrading to 16 gigs of ram and a 1060, I can play so many more games without causing another chernobyl in my bedroom.

it's the circle of life upgrades ...

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FYI: Jeff, as of tomorrow, you and I will have the same video card. I recommend getting a 1080ti (or a Titan X Pascal, which is maybe 3% faster than 1080ti and over 70% more expensive) if you wanted something that is (technically) better than what anyone else here has. For your particular monitor, the 1080ti would make be quite the step up.

Also, Ghost Recon: Wildlands *CAN* be played with a controller.


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[mention=16]MexicanDragon[/mention] and [mention=545]Grahame[/mention] you both have to get PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.  Solid game $30 on steam for early access but damn it feels so damn good when you get one of these:
[mention=3084]TMoney[/mention] of 4 people.
Just Do Et



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