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Oh hi there. New GPU, who dis?

it's the circle of life upgrades ...

Now that my PC has been taken off life support by upgrading to 16 gigs of ram and a 1060, I can play so many more games without causing another chernobyl in my bedroom.

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1 hour ago, Fitz said:

Steam and GOG preload is live now. GOG users can actually go ahead and launch the game, though you won't get very far in it.

Reviews have me a bit scared of CPunk's launch state, though I knew from the delays that it was going to come in "hot" with tons of bugs and performance issues. CDPR would not delay a huge launch like they did so close to the goal line unless the game was in a state too embarrassing to ship.

Tom's Hardware put out a performance guide and it looks like the game is going to be a resource hog like few other games other than Flight Sim.


Fingers crossed that it plays well, but I may delay playing it until 2021 to give them a chance to fix it up.

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Looks like there is a very large day 1 patch for Cyberpunk, without which it's pretty buggy. I secretly don't mind because my preload won't be done until I have to go to sleep (due to the lamentable quality of my DSL connection, which is a rotting streak of corroded aluminium). I'm probably just going to go to bed after it's down.

Edit: Oh, I have 24 hours more than I thought, I should have it in time. Hmm.

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1 hour ago, robm321 said:

3080 struggling 😦

I've decided to wait until the bugs are worked out. It'll probably be a few months.

The visuals in this game are just mind boggling. A few screenshots from the 4k Ray Tracing-Ultra preset I'm playing on.

I'm getting like 50fps but it is hard to turn anything down, particularly the ray tracing. The difference is so dramatic that I think I'll just take the pain and play below 60hz. This is the best ray tracing showcase on PC right now, full stop.



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