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What Are You Building Today

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Ufffffff. Paragon is a beautiful speaker. 

I guess you know the work of "Kenrick Sound" restoring the Paragon ans other JBL models


Sorry for offtopic  :unsure:


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So Tice removed a deck at his job site, which is Armistead Maupin's former home. In his genius he recognized it to be Brazilian Ipe that was only screwed down from one side. The new owner eventually a

Just put up some shelves and cabinets in the shop space preparing for making things again!

The Cherry is lighter than the speakers, but will darken quickly next to the window. I have a vented front plate coming for the top space. The cooling fan sits in that space, and is really quiet.

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Kenrick Sounds make amazing restorations. And their discipline while moving the speakers is commendable. But those people complimenting how good they sound through Youtube, and then through their own speakers or earphones, I mean, come on man.

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I don't know?!? - camera mic - to Youtube compression - streaming through my work laptop (chrome browser of course) - Nu Force USB DAC/Headphone amp - ETY 4s - kicks ass!... great sounding speakers!... :)


:dinny:(yup - for me to poop on)


Side note - this did sent me on a hour long search for the saint saens introduction and rondo capriccioso recording that he used in one video. 

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It stopped raining long enough to take a couple of pics of the beams we replaced. I'm especially psyched about the LVL that replaced a completely rotten beam perpendicular to the house. 




And now we've turned into an electronics shop with Dr. Luvdunhill building the crossovers for Otis's speakers. 






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I had a pair of these...


And a 50" Panny Plasma in a small class C motorhome.

This will be a walk in the park.

We got one crossover finished, will most likely finish the other Tuesday eve.

I'll glue on the Cherry baffles tonight, then it's just a matter of soldering on a few spade lugs.

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These are not just your standard two ways. Instead, Marc has paired basically a full range driver and a super tweeter, then customized a crossover to take best advantage of that pairing. 

These drivers have to stretch their legs before I can really assess them, but so far I'm impressed. They're bigger than I had originally thought I'd build them, but still, make a pretty good nearfield monitor.

Bass is far better than I expected. Eventually, they will darken to match the Parasound case. The window will speed that process up.



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Also, both those drivers are magneticly shielded - so no fear putting sensitive things nearby


First time really pushing the boundary of a woofer up to the higher end, had to control cone breakup in the crossover, but curious how it ends up.


One huge benefit is a wide sweet spot and great imaging.


It does simulate well, that’s all that counts, right?



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Maybe I missed this earlier - what are the drivers?

And is it basically a 25 liter sealed box?


It’s a ported box, a bit smaller than 0.75 cu ft. Dayton Audio with BG ribbon. I can post more info in a bit, heading out of the house.

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Today's project...


50" X 19" Birch butcher block, stained Gray. This will be the top of my new A/V rack, which is your typical wire shelving, but epoxy coated Black.

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X2 or 3.

Since when did people care about speaker building here? Heh.

I want to get back and measure the speakers and can post info here - I did a similar speaker with Jordan JX92S a while back and these are similar idea but larger box. I can post both designs if folks care. I have a third design with Raidho ribbon but screwed up the boxes and haven’t gotten around to fashioning some nice pieces of wood to hide the mistake (I mixed up the top and bottom of the speaker when working on some stand attachment mechanism) :) I should do that sometime!
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  • 2 weeks later...

That turned out fantastic! And I love that the rail bottoms were raised, so as not to catch debris and water anymore.

Should last a good long time. I hope you pay Milo well, as he's a pretty good hand.

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