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I guess I might as well post this here:

I have a pair of HifiMan HE4XX (Massdrop) which use the 2.5mm connectors on each headphone. These are crap, and cut out if I move my head the wrong way, etc., so I was toying with replacing them with something better.

I was wondering what other connector types people use, either with experience on commercial headphones, or DIY, and how they like them. I have tried the Mr. Speakers Hirose connectors (on a pair of Aeons) and liked them, but wanted to ask around as there might be something better that I am unaware of. I have also used a Switchcraft mini-XLR 4 pin on my modded Fostex T50s, but for the HifiMan wanted to stick to separate cables to each cup as they are stock.

Plus for something that is around the same diameter as the 2.5mm jacks currently in the headphone cups.


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The Lemo stuff always looked kind of long for a headphone connector on the cups, but I've never used them. Also very expensive, think I saw one that was $110 ea.

Which fake China stuff have you used? I'll have to measure and see what I can get away with diameter-wise. I was also looking at SMC connectors, but they might actually be too small in diameter.

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They are ODU parts, not LEMO.  Can't remember the part number but you can find it on HF.  Senn is using similar parts for the HE-1 connectors. 

As for the fake Lemo, I used something like this:


Standard 0B series but they might be a bit long. 


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Added link for ODU
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It's done ! 

It's low B+ voltage version Aikido Hybrid headphone amp designed by John Broskie. 

However, I replaced the tube, 6GM8, with 12FM6, due to the price of the former is so high to me.

Now, I still fight for terrible hum issue ! :wacko:



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To ask away on top of the above :) 

What’s your grounding scheme? Inputs look floating, is pot floating too? Amp board and psu? A small diagram would be very helpful in troubleshooting.

Also, do you have some form of virtual ground or elevated reference for the heater voltage?

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Hi, guys, 

Thanks for all your advises and suggestions. Our global audio diy community is always warm and encouraged. 

Maybe I provide too little pictures of the amp to give you clear picture of the amp.

It's not virtual grounding, It is designed as single-end amp. And, I made a star grounding in the up-left corner of the above picture.

It's may not clearly to look the grounding due to I used the black wire as grounding line.

After a day working, The Neutrik phone socket may have contacting problem, the sound of one channel is unstable. The layout of grounding wiring will be changed.

Two boxes? It is not may original making idea. I need a small headphone amp, not a huge and expensive one. 

Now, it is Chinese New Year in Taiwan. So, I don't have time to work on this amp.

The more pictures may help your guys to understand, here it is...







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if the case is high enough you can try to mount the transformer standing up, base parallel to the back plate (or mount it direct to the back plate). i would remove the screw of the trafo, turn it up whitout fix mounting to test if the hum is less (if less thats a least one part of the problem).

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After 3 hrs hard work, I rewired the ground loop. Will, it is still not work!!!!

I found this amp is good for the on-ear headphone, although the Huge hum. For the over-ear phone with high resistance, the power is not enough, but no Hum at all.

I...give up, and plan to tear down the tubes part, and to re-layout, from lay-down form to stand-up form.  

And, don't forget to earth the chassis. 

What a mess! 


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