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What Are You Building Today


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Starting a pair of bedside tables this morning.  Solid Walnut with an open shelf with wireless charging and drawer for important stuff like zombie killing tools.  Contemplating electronic locks on the drawers to keep the maids from trying to dust my zombie tools.

Mostly a 22x18 marble shelf inset into the frame for top shelf and walnut carcass with some variant of mid-century modern legs.  

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I have an EUVL F5X I recently acquired in need of help/work. I need to develop skills first. We have a fantastic "Interwest Electronics repair" but they're Booked!! EDIT: I Almost forgot a photo, attached for final edit. Just took it.

And I repaired an old gifted coffee machine I got a couple of weeks ago. These things are too silly-fun

Waiting for milk carafè in the mail. Bought the diffuser, milk carafè, and control boards, and I may need another piece.

Gran Dama Avant couldn't be less my style tho. Also building an Über-amp courtesy of Soren_b in the next 5 weeks. 


Very busy with school until end of June, but will Squeeze the Uber amp in for certain...  qnd I have a second cr2040 for the Set of Quads in the kitchen-lR. 

I need those tone controls badly. 


Eventually I'll modify the T1. I wanted to run multiple sets from the Realiser for company and my friend who lives with me... 

I'll be formally working in a plant or tooling facility by August for certain. Back to school in fall.. or something.. like online and auto didactic life plus my local group and lifelines to move forward.


Will update with repaired Quads in a couple weeks, hopefully. 

Building a jig and will explain the reasoning for it. I want to determine resonance of each panel before finishing. 


Also considering custom panels made through Altium... which I have yet to learn for laughs.. I picked up the spare louvers already.. 


I am, my wallet is about broke! Back to work soon..! So far the 2x cheapie costco subs are not half bad... I daresay I am happy. 


Also painting the Yammy 1ks By two weeks from now 2! 

WiP'ogress, after this I need to focus on the automation technology program for a while.. I worked at autoliv for 8 months as a "Delivery guy" and all their machinery is custom. 


So I get some stuff... I worked the lines for about 2 or 3 weeks when they needed help. Their machine is also all Custom. Nothing is offshelf in that plant. I'm considering diamond coating and diamond-esq tooling production, if I turn out lucky enough to do that as it's only a few miles from the house.


That was 10 years ago... but I am in a CoVid Relief Act Automation program at the school. For me it works. 







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Got to try Doug’s fancy drawer building joints and the micro adjuster from Jessem.  Pretty easy way to put them together on the router table. 

Definitely easier than switching out blades and brakes on the SawStop. 


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I am at the point now where I need to figure how to smash this stick pile into 12” legs. 

I am think an x brace across the bottom with the big piece with some half lap or whatever cuts in the middle and then splayed, tapered legs dominoed to the cross braces so coming out towards the corners. 

Hard to explain and even harder to draw up in Sketch Up so probably a disaster when I try to nail it all together. 

I was also trying to figure out how to mimic my actual mid-century modern dresser legs, but not sure a jig saw will get me far in making that setup. 




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In case anyone is paying attention, for legs I went with the simplest option and did tapered 1 1/2x2 sticks with the tiniest roundover. Going to do dominoes to connect these to the stretchers and then dominoes to attach to the bottom 3/4” Walnut base. 


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Do I need some Osmo?

Those are some very sexy sticks Milo & Otis or whateverthefuckitis you guys call yourselves  

I ended up adding another taper on the rear face of each leg as they were just too beefy for the cabinets. 


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A question for the Festool geniusseses 

I am going to mount the legs to the stretchers with dominoes, but I want the stretchers set back from the edge of the legs. 1/8” on the side and 1/4” on the front/back. 

Is there a repeatable way to do this?  

Never mind, found a Sedge video where he does 10mm offset and it is good enough. 

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Today’s lesson learned is trying to glue up all three levels at the same time with limited work surface is not fun and leads to tons of glue cleanup. 



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Finishing projects this weekend with drawer faces and pulls and BLO on the box joint box. 

I have also started hitting the online estate sales and getting some great deals on woodworking tools.  I got the full set of Bow Clamps last night for $40, a 7x10 Wilton Wood Vice for $60 and a Leigh D4 Pro dovetail, finger joint tool for $120, all mint.





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Because Brent Is an Asshole
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15 minutes ago, swt61 said:

You need to hire a couple of 18-20 year olds to do the tedious work. Then hire me to oversee the twinks... I mean crew.

I’m don’t think the twink supply is all that good here, mostly your average fruit cake and occasional ding dong. 

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