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n3rdling's HE90 Clones

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Wikia Impressions:

@n3rdling's HE90 Clones (out of BHSE):

  • For those of you who might have missed the opportunity to listen to these you need to put it on your must listen to at the next meet he attends.
  • Personally having never listened to the original Orpheus but loving my 007 MK1 out of the Headamp BHSE and hating the Stax 009's I felt at a loss.  I mean the 007 MK1 is my favorite headphone I own but at times want something a little more refined that my HD800 SDR isn't doing.  Well enter the HE90 clones
  • I have heard these at one other meet I attended and it was out of the Headamp Aristaeus (oh yah the other e-stat amp Justin makes) and with the BHSE I felt like everything I put on was like I was actually being sang to.
  • The instrument separation was perfect with just the right amount of sound stage
  • Tonal balance was just superb
  • Bass I felt was different than what I am used to with the MK1 less thick but more defined.
  • For someone who isn't a fan of the 009 this headphone just hits all the right spots for me.
  • As I had mentioned previously I had heard this at a previous meet and it was the best headphone hands down and again the result was the same.
  • I don't know if Milos will ever release these as a production headphone but after listening again and this time with the BHSE it took all my willpower just not to hand him a wad of cash for his prototype.


As someone who doesn't like the 009 I am shocked I fell in love with this headphone but for me it just checks all the right boxes.  Would love to hear if anyone else has listened to these before and has comments.

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I also heard the HE-90 Clone but I found the 009 more to my taste.

I don't take that as a knock against the Clone, I think that, based on Spritzer's descriptions of the HE-90 sound I'd have the same response to the HE-90.

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