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NYC Meet Feb 4-5 2017


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14 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

... I think it's best if I bow out at this point. ...
I'm going to regret the shit out of that, but on the bright side, you kids will probably be blessed with the most amazing biscuits known to mankind.








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On 1/14/2017 at 4:29 AM, mypasswordis said:

I believe the rough plan is to go on a crazy HC adventure all of Saturday, try not to have too bad of a hangover that night into Sunday morning, when we actually go to the meet. So if you actually want to go to the meet then leaving later in the afternoon or evening Sunday would be best. 

Meet? :)

Alright, will plan on something like mid-day Saturday to mid-day Sunday.

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Jeff awesome news! 


Not sure where everyone's head is at but can we get a roll call for Saturday and Sunday? 

For Saturday I was thinking we could make a pilgrimage to Other Half Brewing in Carrol Gardens Brooklyn. This is a must for a visit to NYC as they make some of the best IPAs and some pretty great stouts as well. They open at noon and the tasting room proper is tiny and fills quickly. If there is a can release that day it does compound the crowding. 

I'd suggest everyone grab some late breakfast/brunch then plan on being at Other Half at 11:30 or 11:45. If we do not grab a spot in the starting room we can stand and chat and taste their beers in the brewery. Not a bad option but it is open and SRO in that space.Those staying in NYC can either meet up before hand or meet at Other Hand. We'll need to take the F train to the Smith and 9th street stop. Fun fact this is the highest elevation stop in the NYC Subway. http://www.otherhalfbrewing.com


Prime Meats is a short walk from Other Half and could be a great stop for a burger, steak or german sausage. Pretty popular place but at 2-3 o'clock might not be too crowded. http://www.frankspm.com/menuBrunch.html




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I was looking at train tickets -- would it be possible for me to take the subway to wherever you guys are, from Penn Station, once my Amtrak train pulls in?  Looks like my most likely shot is early afternoon, after the festivities get started.  Sorry, forgot how long the train ride is (4-5 hours +).

And if so, who wants to be the designated textee?  mypasswordis?


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If you didn't get a hangover at Chicago CanJam, I don't see how you'd ever get one.

Gawd, I still remember how wasted he was for KG's scotch "tasting" at CanJam Chicago. :)

If you didn't get a hangover from that...

EDIT: added smiley as I didn't intend this to sound harsh at all

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