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16 hours ago, JimL said:

I believe he is referring to Tyll putting the Sonomas on his Wall of Fame.

yeah that was it.

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Sony were nuts with all kinds of fringe pseudo science shit.  Semi-conductive stator frames, odd cable dielectric, pentagonal diaphragms and crap like that.  The ECR-600 I had was 100% push pull though, it was just electret with super high ratio for some unknown reason. 

As for a discussion between arnaud, Jazz and astroglide.. wouldn't see that one as the latter two fucktards are firmly on my ignore list.  Reflections are far more likely from the headphone structure as the D/S gap is so small that there can't be any meaningful reflections. 

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7 hours ago, 100VoltTube said:

(snip) That entire conversation between him, JaZZ and astrostar59 is interesting, and somewhat relevant to this headphone.(snip)

I wuz interested, until you mentioned astrogoof.


On a much more important note, what are all you uber-audiophiles gonna do with this breaking news.....?

Myself, I am substantially less than devestated........    :P  :lol:

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