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What is this new kind of tube? (Nutube)

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Technical questions, product specifications, etc.

Q. How much power supply voltage is required to properly operate the product?

A. The operating voltage is from 5V to 80V. Please see the datasheet for more details.

Q. Can it replace a standard 12AX7 tube? Are they interchangeable?

A. As the power supply voltage and pin assignments are different between this product and a 12AX7, they cannot be used interchangeably.

Q. What are the voltage and current of the heater?

A. 0.7V and 17mA for each channel. Please see the datasheet for more details.

Q. Why is the directly-heated type tube used instead of indirectly-heated one?

A. We decided to adopt the directly-heated type tube as it significantly reduces power consumption and also suppresses heat generation.

Q. Can the Nutube be affected by vibrations (i.e., microphonics)?

A. Yes, as the Nutube is a directly-heated type tube, it can be affected by vibrations. Suppressing the microphonic effect can be done more easily than with a conventional vacuum tube, as ‘Nutube’ does not generate heat.
We are also planning on offering accessories that can be used to suppress any microphonic effect.

Q. Why does the Nutube have such a unique shape while a conventional vacuum tube is usually round-shaped?

A. This unique shape is a result of the product adopting Noritake Itron Corporation’s vacuum fluorescent display (“VFD”) technology. With the application of this technology, we have been able to achieve higher product quality and longer service life compared to conventional vacuum tubes.

Q. How can a VFD be modified and turned into a vacuum tube?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to answer this question as it involves various patent issues.

Q. How long is the typical service life of the Nutube? What does the term ‘expected service life’ (as mentioned in the product catalogue) mean?

A. The expected service life of the Nutube when used continuously is 30,000 hours. The term ‘expected service life’ means the number of hours for which the Nutube will likely be able to operate continuously under normal use.

Q. What kind of sound does Nutube produce?

A. It emits sound that is similar to the sound made a conventional vacuum tube. If you would like to learn more about the characteristics of Nutube, please refer to the datasheet provided. We will be also offering sample boards for evaluation purposes. If you are interested in obtaining them, please send your request using the inquiry form.

Q. Will I be able to obtain more detailed product information after I sign an NDA?

A. Please contact us first using the inquiry form. We will contact you shortly after.

Q. Does KORG offer product design service?

A. We will be glad to receive your consultation request. Please contact us first using the inquiry form.

Q. What led the company to develop Nutube?

A. The manufacturing equipment that is currently used to produce traditional vacuum tubes for the company has been used for over fifty years. Therefore, the vacuum tubes that are being produced with this equipment contain many defective units as well as significant characteristic variations. They also consume a lot of power. So we decided to apply all the latest technologies that are available to us and developed ‘Nutube’ – a high quality and battery-operable vacuum tube that is energy-efficient and can be handled with ease – hoping that this novel vacuum tube would bring performance and satisfaction to more people.

Nutube sales

Q. When will the Nutube go on sale? Where can I purchase the product? What is the minimum purchase quantity?

A. The Nutube is scheduled to go on sale in the summer in 2016 or possibly later. As for the product distribution method, minimum shipment quantity, etc., please send us your inquiry using the inquiry form provided. Our sales representative will contact you shortly after.

Q. How much is the Nutube?

A. As for the product distribution method, minimum shipment quantity, etc., please send us your inquiry using the inquiry form provided. Our sales representative will contact you shortly after.

Q. When will the Nutube samples become available? How much will they cost?

A. As for the price and other detailed information, please send us your request using the inquiry form. Also, if you require sample boards, the lead time could be 1-2 months or possibly longer.

Q. Will the Nutube made available for purchase by personal users also?

A. Yes, we are planning on offering the product for sale to personal users as well. As for the distribution method, price, and release date, we will post the information at the company’s website when it becomes available.

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there is a kit you can buy for a small headphone amp, a nutube in combination with a opa. it sounds nice, a mix between a very tubby millet portable hybrid amp and a solide state amp, not neutral. sweet highs and not overly smooth mids, nice wide soundstage, lows are fine and deep but not super sharp. for the price it is a fair offer, bad thing is that the nutube is verry microphonic and picks up electronic noise, was ok after put it in a case and secured it (with hot glue, the nutube don't get hot).


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