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Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread


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Of course offset servo is not needed with the Blue Hawaii. Blue Hawaii has been around for a long time. Manufactured and sold by HeadAmp Audio Electronics to many satisfied customers. Been given highest possible remarks by professional tester.


As DIYer I do feel entitled to do any modifications to any amplifier I like. Doing so with a Blue Hawaii feels like a privilege. I’m very grateful for the Blue Hawaii and can’t thank you the designer enough.

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I finally built my Blue Hawaii - a single box KG 2015 which uses the mosfets, (but I will build the BJT boards too).  All GR supplies.  I was inspired by a Triumph Rocket motorcycle for the chrome trim and I wanted volume indication in the dark so it has a circle of leds and a delayed pointer off the heater warm up.

While I was working all this out Kevin published the Grounded Grid so I am building one of those in a similar case.

Looking forward to some extended listening now.  Thanks Kevin for a great design




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Very nice. I had a similar thought to the circle of LEDs for the case I’m laying out for the DynaFet. Nice on the pointer LED (as well as the rest of it)!

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My actual thought on this was to try to make the LEDs track the volume knob, much like a Pass Aleph P. The problem is I am using a TKD pot and not a relay based volume control in this, so barring an extra pot deck I can’t think of any way to do this. Maybe I’m missing something?

And the green pointer on yours isn’t an LED?

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