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...as if we didn't know Head-fi was the home of the shills...


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Every now and then I receive emails where people want free review samples or some stupid shit like that.  Now then this gem showed up today:



So I was wondering.. I write reviews read by thousands of people on headfi and I usually cross post to other audio forums too. Not to brag too much but I think I have a gifted writing style and able to transmit what I hear into a well written review and I would love to buy your newest headphone amp Carbon CC special edition and write a full length review on it!

Here is an example of one of my many reviews:

In exchange for a complete and published review (likely front page of headfi and other forums), would a discount of 45% be doable for my amplifier? I was thinking a complete review as well as publicity from the many meets and conventions I attend with my gear would be worth it for you guys to sell to me for that discounted price. Not to mention I'm very active socially in the community so I'd be telling many people about it first hand. (Of course keeping the discount just between us)

What do you think?




I just like the blatant offer to offer promotion and clearly a glowing review for a measly 45% discount...  My reply is below...  ;D 


Let’s just be crystal clear here, what you want is for me to pay you for “exposure”.  That is called shilling and I find it the lowest possible form of humanity.  People might read your drivel and think you know anything but in reality you are just a paid mouthpiece who can’t even get a bloody link to work.  So what I think is that you should fuck off to the likes of Cavalli or Woo who need to pay shills like you pump their garbage products. 


Also, just because it is a lovely Saturday, I’m going to post this for the entire community to see.  I think people have a right to know what your “reviews” are really about.  So basically, fuck off and never contact me again. 




Kevin told me not to be too harsh... I think it went ok.  :)


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Shit....I write goodly....where's my discount?

Well-played Birgir.  Now watch to see if he tries to bad-mouth anything Mjolnir.  You'd have a great message to post about it!  I would assume he'd be smart enough NOT to do something as stupid as that....but one never knows.

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3 hours ago, spritzer said:

I will never post on HF again so that is a non option.  He did get back to me and said I was totally wrong to just "expect" a glowing review.  He does really suck at the whole shilling thing...  :lol:

So he wants a 45% discount in exchange for publicity that he is not guaranteeing will be good? You clearly missed a bargain there Spritzer :rolleyes:


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1 hour ago, RudeWolf said:

Since when has this been an obstacle to producing good audio literature?

So true.  Anybody remember the WES vs. BHSE comparative review which was written by two people, one did one and and no actual comparison made and what they wrote makes no sense what so ever... 

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So a Ginger, Beer-Douche, Fetishist ? (that lists previously owned cables)

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Well, I work at an audio company and often I too get approached by people wanting to review our stuff. Usually I do some background checks so I can estimate the impact of a review, but seeing "Not to brag too much but I think I have a gifted writing style and able to transmit what I hear into a well written review" would tick me off instantly. Dude has like 5 reviews at HF and only one is what I'd consider popular.

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