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3 hours ago, JoaMat said:

I can’t hear any noise - same as lsk389 input. Be aware my ears are old and I also suffer from some light tinnitus.

Seems you have 500 ohms at current sink input stage while 300 at other of your amplifiers. Any particular reason?

Did you use regulated supply for front end tube heater?

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No, 6.3 VAC.

Just changed input tube on the last built board and powered on - no blow up but funny smell. Have to send it for repair. But I had an working stereo amp for a few hours and it did sound promising.

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OK, back on track. One burned resistor replaced. I guess the malfunction was due to the input tube, but I actually don't know for sure. So I took a new tube and the balance servo wasn't able balance it out. Tried two more still not able to get balance but eventually I found a tube that worked. I should have made room for a balance trimmer and jumper for the servo on the board.

For the sound. I'm not very good at describing how something sounds, so you won't get any details from me, sorry. How does it compare to the T2? I'll pass on that one as well but I think Kevin somehow is hunting the T2….. We should let the blood hounds (Kerry, Birgir, et al.) join him.

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