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HFM baby-HSL

fat joey

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IMO the $55k one sounded about on par with most Lambdas and was beat out in a back to back against the L700 and embarrassed by the 007/009/HE-1.  Those who complain about stats lacking impact would hate to hear that one.  If that's the absolute best Fang could pull off, I'm afraid this won't be my cup of tea, either. 

It seems like his new business plan is to just release really expensive stuff to fool people into thinking HFM is on par with the best efforts from the likes of Stax and Senn, but I think his old model of releasing affordable boutique HPs from China made more sense.

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The 50k thing didn't sound anything close in level to pretty much any Lambda to me... maybe a shitty one like the SR404LE. Actually the two I heard connected to the same alien table amp didn't even sound the same, most likely due to the garbage stator design which has a 95% chance of breaking in the first few years. 

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