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We should be fine. We're at the mercy of Florida Flick and Flash, so there's the potential for extended inconvenience there. And the creek is as high as I have ever seen it, without storm surge or rain. That's a little troubling since we're about to get a foot of rain. Let's hope that it's the water management district managing as opposed to having a melt down. (The tide in our creek is controlled by a computer in West Palm Beach. They can raise it but not lower it.)  But all in all, we're one heck of a lot better off than we could have been.

I was monitoring Google Maps in case we had to flee. Here's a screen shot from last night.

I-75 was nasty from Tampa All. The. Way. To Atlanta. 



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Be safe, and please let us know all is OK when you can.

My nephew lives in Tampa with his girlfriend.  He is up in NY right now, but the GF is still down in Tampa.  Sister-in-law said the place they are in has plans (structural and assistance) in place to help against the hurricane and help further if needed.  But still not ecstatic with her there.....

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4 hours ago, shellylh said:

Also, there are no basements or real tornado shelters in places like Florida.

Inside bathroom + bathtub + mattress + alcohol = makeshift tornado shelter. Living in shitty college apartments during central Illinois tornado season tests your creativity.

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Sorry for the delay, but here is Gene's morning update:

All ok here, Al.

Irma took last minute veer to the east (inland) and spared us the worst.

No damage, flooding or injuries.  Just shrubs, branches, small trees, and litter to clean up.  Very lucky.  Powet expected to be out for a while, but we have water service.

It was an adventure for sure.


Also, Steve is back "home" at the trailer park but he is staying in another person's trailer because they are out of town and Steve's trailer would be rather breezy (big hole in it). He has no power or internet so he is not likely to be here much for the moment. He wanted me to let everyone know he is good and I'm excited that he is seriously considering moving back to the Bay Area by November. Woot!

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Everything is fine here. Had lost power between 11pm yesterday and 9 am this morning. Spent the day raking and cleaning up relatively small debris. Some minor damage to the porch screen door was the extent of the physical property damage. No flooding at all by us but I saw pictures of some locals water skiiing with a pickup truck in downtown Daytona Beach. Glad everyone else is also OK.

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