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Jon L

New Magnepan 30.7!

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Jonathan Valin:

"Oh, and I’ve saved the best for last. Not only are the 30.7s the handsomest-looking large Maggies of all time (in their blue trim and snow-white panel covers), they are also among the best deals Maggie has ever offered. They cost $29,000 the pair (release slated for January). That’s not chump change, I grant you, but compared to the price of the six-figure speakers they so successfully compete against, it makes them, perhaps, the greatest bargain in ultra-high-end history. "


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Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Essentially, it's a new design so really 30.1 but called 30.7 to run parallel to the 20.7. For a big room, they could be a lot of fun.

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I might just have to visit a show to hear those when they get into the wild.

I was one of those folks who fell in love with the 3 panel Tympani's along with a pair of Janus subs, and Audio Research electronics (including crossovers). 

They were playing "The King James Version" Harry James on Sheffield direct to disk at Garland Audio in San Jose.

It ruined me!

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