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Sennheiser HD660S Releasing in November


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Maybe Sennheiser decided that they rather produce their own "HD650 on steroid" that many have been wanting.

The cable plugs on the headphone side look similar to those on the HD650. It would be nice that the aftermarket cables many have invested on can be also used for the new headphone.

Why so many rings on the TRS plug shown?

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12 minutes ago, n_maher said:

From the linked article:

The picture appears to be of the 4.4mm pentacon plug.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks!

Looks like the 5 contacts arrangement, instead of 4, is to allow it to be used for both single-ended and balanced amps. I wonder what kind of risk it incurs when plugging and unplugging from an energized headphone amp? 

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Don't understand the rationale of going through the trouble to develop a 5-pin TRS connector when a 5-pin XLR connector would have serve the job better and is readily available.   

I guess one of the rationale is the pentacon connector can be made to be backward compatible with a typical 3-pin TRS connection.

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