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Happy Birthday skullguise!

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Thanks all!  Yesterday mostly sucked during the day.  I had to work instead of taking the day off, and ended up having to escalate a VERY late-reported issue by our EU Finance team.  Something they had almost a year to review was raised as an issue about 1.5 weeks ago, and will now likely cause us to miss a milestone of providing some important information to our CEO.  Lovely....

But later in the day, had a really good 1-on-1 with our CIO, who noted how much praise I and our team is getting worldwide, and also will have our back on this latest issue.  And at night, I got to have my annual Birthday Dinner at my favorite local fish restaurant, with the woman I love and my mother-in-law (who was on good behavior).  Then capped by a short-but-sweet call from my son at college.

This morning, after staying off Facebook for many weeks, I logged in to see almost 100 well-wishes.  Cause for smiles!  B)

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