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Happy Birthday jvlgato!

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Happy Birthday, Dr. John!

You are a cherished member of this clan and we all hope you have the best Birthday ever!


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Thanks so much, everyone! I had a nice, relaxing day with the family. I actually I had the same 'Chicago cut' bone-in rib eye steak at Gibson's as Daniel did on that night that I posted the big ass steak! And it was fantastic!

A month or two ago, I had read an article about the best new restaurants in the nation in Bon Appetit magazine. It listed one in Chicago that made its own pasta in-house with really great ingredients, and I really wanted to try it. It's Monteverde Restaurant and Pastaficio: http://monteverdechicago.com . We went for a late lunch, because dinner was completely booked out for over a month. We had the daily special which was an eggs benedict dish with local Berkshire Ham, tomato/mancheno filled arancini, Oma's Green Mountain Salad, pumpkin ravioli with a sage butter sauce, and fettuccini frutti di mare. 

Everything was great - totally worth a visit for you locals! Only one bad thing ... I completely forgot to take pics! Yikes! FAIL! I think I was thrown off by my daughter's lettering of the one pic I did take of our cocktails. I wanted to remember the names of everything we ordered, so after I took a pic of our cocktails, I tried to add a caption,  but couldn't figure it out. I asked my daughter if she knew how to do it. She took my phone, did this:


... and I didn't see my phone after that until we were almost done. 

After that, I completely forget to take any more pics. Really sorry to fail you all, because it was a really great meal.After that, we went to a gourmet ice cream shop my daughter noticed on the way in, I had a big thing of ice cream, went home, and fell asleep. I think I was a little pasta and ice cream drunk. Later that night, we ordered in from a Thai place, just the usual Thai stuff, nothing special.  But my parents always told me it was a Chinese custom to eat long noodles on your birthday to have a long life. So I do that whenever I can remember. Then after dinner we Amazon streamed The Hundred Foot Journey, which we'd all seen already, but everyone agreed was worth a second viewing. Kind of a quiet day, but I like it that way. Oh, and Anne got me a highly rated craft beer of the month membership. So I promise to post pics of that as they arrive!

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend also! And thanks so much for the kind wishes!





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