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(closed) Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy


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Thanks everyone for your payments. Seems like nearly everyone has paid so I can go ahead and order when the prototype comes back. I had to adjust a few dimensions because the capacitors on the bottom only had 1mm of clearance which was cutting it a bit close. I'll try to update drawings soon.

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Forgot to mention that lead time is about 4-5 weeks. Including the prototype this makes it 7-9 weeks. I checked with Context Engineering as well and they quote a lead time of about 6-9 weeks. So this seems pretty standard. The TKD group buy I did had a 2 month lead time.

While waiting for the prototype we can work on the typesetting a bit more. I went through all my fonts and here are some samples I think work the best.


The Hiragano/Silom combination is the closest I could get to John McLean's design. I put up a bunch of variations as well. I'm open to suggestions. Since this is my weak point I'm fine if someone decides send me their own designs as well.

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Hi Gael,

How long until you get the prototype? As for lead times, I guess I never asked when I was talking to CAM Expert, but I was under the impression that it would have been 2 weeks or less with them? John has ordered from them before, but shipping to Australia I'm sure takes some time :)

I'm certainly no typeface expert. The fonts that John used in FPE Frontdesign were Asian 1 stroke (for the supersymmetry) and Euro 5-stroke for the Dynalo. He did do some manual kerning by doing the "D" and "y" of Dynalo individually and arranging the spacing. He used 10% incline to mimic italics.

From your samples, I like the Hiragano Maru Gothic, but don't care for the Silom. I like the Gil Sans Bold but the all caps on the DYNALO is too much, particularly with that font. You might also look at Calibri or Futura if you have those (typical Microsoft Office stuff).

dynalo lettering.jpeg

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Sent an email a few days ago for an update and didn't get a response. I'm going to call first thing on Monday during business hours. Good thing is no money had changed hands yet. He's usually better with responding to emails so I don't know what the deal is. Still, at this price I'm willing to put up with some issues like this.

Been playing around with fonts a bit more and will post more samples this weekend 

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