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2SA1968 substitution


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Can we ban this retard already?  Sure swap a PNP for an NPN, that will go great. 

So a bit of backstory for people, see this:


He runs this an sure, he's down to just one picture of my amps but he's also apparently Kerry too.  <_<

You can thank this person (and others) for why I've stopped releasing all the new designs being worked on. 

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The Kerry version of the T2 is a one of piece, and I'm pretty sure Kerry won't sell it for anything less than $50k.

none of that stuff is available, including the 2 singlepower pieces. At any price. There were only 5 X es1/es2 total made, I have one, Birgir has one, and I know where 2 of the other 3 are. And that sdsxlr is also a one of piece.

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I think there are more ES1 than that.  I used to own one ...glad I got a refund from Mikhail when I had the chance.  Mikhail told me that toward the end most of his customers are from mainland China and his ES1 & SDS-XLR were selling well.  I thought Kerry also made another T2 just like his and sold it for around 18k.  

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Kerry will have to answer that.

mikhail's biggest problem was the fact that everything out of his mouth was a lie.

every es1 burned up the hand selected tubes mikhail picked for them due to major cathode voltage violation. After that the amp is toast. There were 2 other es1 with the gas tube power supplies. One of those is known toast.

also the price of 33000 yen for the t8000 is clearly way off base, it is 550000 yen

and the website has changed!

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