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Thanks a lot. I got even better one. :)


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Hey guys, before i got the mot title, I have the maybe the most valuable title: "Cat herder extraordinaire" this title was the most loved belonging of me, given by you.

I tried to contact mods/admins about getting it back but got no response (except dusty, sorry).

Now I wanted to ask all of you. If I deserve it, please give it back. If I do not deserve it, please let me know.

Maybe most of you don't understand how important for me to know if I deserve it or not but, it is really.



Edit: got a bit different title :) and I cannot post on suggestions. :) I got the lesson. :)

second edit: thanks to @grawk I got even better title. Which reminds me there is always a room for improvement. :)

Thank you @Voltron and @Dusty ChalkChalkChalkChalChalkCChaChalkCC too. 

bug happened on dusty's tag. I cannot correct it

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