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Butane Soldering iron

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I'm just finished school about to be working as an electrician and my teacher swears by butane soldering irons.

She's had the same one for 20 years.

It looks like they can be used for melting heatshrink too.

Does anyone have any experience with these?

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Had a Weller Pyropen Piezo years ago and liked it for a couple of things. One was soldering stuff in other places than my desk where I couldn't be bothered to get the soldering iron and an extension cord. The other was soldering thick speaker cables to drivers/crossovers where I needed more heat than my stationary iron could provide. 

For electrician-type soldering and heat shrink it's probably fine, but I wouldn't use it for electronics. Not only because of the crude temperature control but also because then ones I have seen all seem to eject (very) hot air off to one side. Realistically it's only a matter of time before you turn the iron in a way that means the hot air will damage a board or some parts.

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