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Dusty Chalk

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Once you have the iLoc app installed and you learn to use it, it's a snap to transfer your licenses from the cloud to the dongle and back again. iLoks are a pain no matter how you use them but there you are.

I don't know of a USB-C iLok.

I suggest getting a C to USB 2 adapter cable if you don't like the docks (the docks do come in handy with the limited ports on the newer macbooks).

They make 6 inch cables. 

Most field recording folks use a cable or dock just to keep from having the dongle sticking out of their laptops waiting to get broken or breaking the port.

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My next recording is setup.  An all ribbon mic duet sharing the R84a for vocal with a R-10 for the acoustic guitars.  Using the figure 8, hopefully, to record a nice duet with minimal tracks.

Also Dusty, not too far from you.  https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/1327219-studio-robbery-alert-_-dc-metro-area.html

Also again, this is about as good as I could get the recessed vocals and overly loud guitars from the island recording.


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If I had the money to buy the mics you have, I'd only trust stands from Latch Lake or Triad Orbit (probably other great stands but those are the ones I've used that were fantastic for heavy mics).

The AEA isn't fragile like the U87 but still, getting dents in a beautiful hand made mic is a crime.

Also, it's worth the trouble to install quick releases IMHO.

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Quick releases sound great did not know they existed. The AEA is super light, no issues with the heil, but I will look at those as I like the finer things. 

Looks like this is the only one from either that would for me, and then it would be more cumbersome than what I have.


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I do not have the WA-87 as I never figured I would use, but they seem to be well reviewed.  The WA-47 is in.  Not bad, but a heavy fucking mic, so no idea what I will actually use it on for desktop use.

I have seen a ton of matched stereo pencil mics, not seen it as much in large condensers, but my heavy-handed editing does far more damage to the music than an imbalance in mics I am sure.

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After a month and a half, I never could make the connection with the Arturia Keylab Mk ll. 

I love the build quality and the integration as a synth but my fingers just never loved it.

So I've had the NI S61 for a couple of days now and I think (hoping) it's going to make the cut. 

I used my Impulse every day for more than 8 years so I live with these things for the long haul.


S61 Keyboard.png

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