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This thing is fucking hawt, but I forgot to order the $50 windscreen. So far it is behaving even better than I had expected in my shitty space.     

Don't mean to change the topic but I have moved my setup to the living room for the next three months and I'm excited. As you were. Better photo.

Finally got my Keylab 61 Mk2 today! So far I've only done some exercises (scales) and so far so good. The keybed is quiet and very well made (my main concern). The action is synthy and the k

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On 10/9/2020 at 5:31 PM, Dusty Chalk said:

Alright I’m not the biggest Behringer fan, but I thought I’d share this with those of you who are:


No, Behringer are deeply dubious, as are most of their wares. However, I decided that I would throw any pretense of principles away for a cheap 303 clone and (slippery slopes being what they are) had to get the 606 clone to keep it company.

It's actually reasonable- I don't think the hats are totally accurate, but I don't have a real 606 handy to compare with.

I took it for a quick spin with the modular:


(Used the RD-6's onboard distortion, but ran the kick through a wave folder and low pass filter)

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Contemplating ordering a Studiodesk Beat Desk for my office desk. Do any of you guys have any experience with these?

Seems like it will work well for my minimal need for rack space and will fit the Arturia perfectly, as they use it in their product pics. 

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Got the Steven Slate VSX headphones in.  Super cheap feeling and has I have no form of reference I have to assume the studios are correct, but it seems gimmicky as hell to me.  Flat Headphones mode sounds okay, but they are fairly uncomfortable.

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I wasn't immediately grabbed by the Digitone (too many menus and shift-key combinations, I don't have enough attention span), so I'm trading it for a Moog DFAM. I should take possession Friday or Monday. Looking forward to making some chaos with it.

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