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Another loud noise. It's an attempt to reconstruct some music from that hypnagogic netherworld before proper sleep. Makes a change from nearly dropping off and starting to dream before all the motor functions are locked out- then waking myself up with a mighty twitch ;)


The voice sample was a preacher with a backpack PA ranting in a shopping street and giving me a headache, recorded on my phone. Turnabout is fair play!

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This is what my living room looks like when Eleanor leaves home for 9 weeks to work.

I got the K&M Omega 3-tier keyboard stand and it has improved my quality of life a lot. It's rock solid, very adjustable, and it stops me from buying more synths because I can't fit anything else on it. 😂 There's not much that a person can't do with this combination of synths and samplers.

The Matriarch is a beast and I love it. I was able to get it last year after my cover band had a string of lucrative gigs.


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1 hour ago, Sherwood said:

How do you like the 1.5 firmware update for the Digitakt?  BTW, I'm very jealous of that Digitone Keys.

I'm having a hard time with figuring out where the Digitakt fits in my setup, honestly. I got it on a trade for an MPC. I love how it sounds, but the Elektron sequencer isn't coming easy to me, especially since the Deluge is perfect for composing the music that I do. It's tough to convince myself to put in the hours of practice that I need to. I also seem to have a lot more fun with synthesis than sampling. The Deluge doesn't sound as good as the Elektron gear though, so I'm generally programming all my beats and melodies into Deluge, and having it control all the other gear, which I then either tweak as the sequences play, or play live on the keyboards. I love the Digitone Keys - the 4-part multitimbrality, individual outputs, audio input, and chorus/delay/reverb - it's great. The keyboard feels nice too, and has aftertouch.  

I'm getting the OLED upgrade for the Deluge next month, which should be neat.

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I've never used a Deluge, too intimidated, but I'm all-in on Digitakt sequencing.  It's a fun puzzle, though admittedly a big perk for me is running it through Overbridge to Ableton.  It looks like you're composing entirely out of the box.

Also you're consistently putting out awesome music and I do this purely for my enjoyment, so your workflow is infinitely more productive.

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I haven't released anything in way too long but thank you! I'm working on something that I like right now, and I hope I can crank it out soon, but time is difficult to find. 

The Deluge sequencer is a piano roll, which works really well for my brain. I definitely don't use every capability it has though - I don't think many people do.

I want to learn the Elektron way because I know it's better for spontaneous performance, so I'm not going to sell the Digitakt anytime soon unless it's to trade up to an Octatrack.

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