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6 minutes ago, tkam said:

Seems fine to me.


Maybe it was triggered by me selecting an alternate image size from w/in IOS?  I'll check when I get back to my phone.  It's in a drawer far away at this point and I am officially lazy.

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Yeah that's likely an iOS thing where it's actually created the file in that orientation but the device just shows it correctly locally.

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49 minutes ago, mwl168 said:

None of the attachment seems to be working for me. Do others experience the same issue?

your not alone, I have the same problem :mikey2: mini T2 thread also has members having issues with attachments in posts that were definitely working previously e.g. bom .xls and gerber .zips.

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FYI, I did a small update to the forum software tonight.  It did not go smoothly, if you are having any issues with images, etc not loading properly please try clearing your browser cache to resolve it.

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