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Slowz Internetz

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It looks like the internet infrastructure is starting to buckle under the strain of increased usage. YouTube is setting standard definition as the default resolution next month and Sony is slowing down PlayStation downloads in Europe.

I'm not going to feel too smug about amassing a library of CDs and Blu-rays, just a little.

What are you guys doing to adjust to staying at home? I plan on getting a lot more reading and writing done. Unfortunately, the gyms have been shut down so I'll have to stick to running, bicycling, etc. to get my exercise.

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My internet speed seems to be as fast as ever, too. I don't do a ton of streaming or downloading, though.

Looks like employees at 9 Amazon warehouses have contracted the coronavirus, so I won't be doing as much online ordering, either:


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Posted (edited)

Could be tied to Doom Eternal or Animal Crossing traffic? The ISPs are probably throttling dynamically as traffic peaks with some kind of weird prioritization (porn).

Animal Crossing may be the exact opposite of Doom – a little too soothing for my soul, methinks:


This is more my style – No Prisoners! For the Emperor!


Purge the coronavirus in cleansing flame:


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