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Damb, was the clutch really that fucked up, or you just decided to rebuild the whole thing while you were at it?

Yeah, it was that messed up. My buddy's friend/BMW Certified Mechanic wound up doing the work. Feels great now, and probably 1/3rd to 1/4 the price of having BMW do it. The rear main seal was leaking, the clutch master cylinder was leaking hydraulic fluid (shared reservoir with brake fluid, iirc). It was a mess. The clutch slave cylinder was 30$ tops, and may or may not have needed replacing. My buddy has owned and raced BMWs much of his life, and he knows I was on a tight budget. If it was done, it needed to be done. Still, all the OEM parts at dealer cost is VERY nice. I know one part at a local pep boys was 141 if you walked in the store. $55 shop price. Wasn't OEM, and for 6$ more, I threw down.


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