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What Headphones Do You Actually Use?


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I think my journey went something like from various Lambdas to the HD800 to the SR-007 MK2.9 and finally to the Utopia. The Focal definitely have the least trade-offs and annoying stuff amongst the headphones that I've tried and owned. 

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Circa 1996.  Sony MDR-CD1700. I modified it recently for a balanced amplification.  Stock is single-end only with wiring going into the left earcup.   The CD1700 is seriously awesome after the mod.  It is super efficient and sound better than ever.  Modded with Moon-Audio Black Dragon and Furutech 4.4 mm plug.







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2 hours ago, skullguise said:

^^ always liked them when I heard them, kind of a poor man's CD-3000......

Well the CD1700 actually does not have any weakness after the recabled work that I did.  As wonderful as the Cd3000 with similar mod, the treble still can be annoying from time to time.  I don’t encounter any issue with the CD1700.  The presentation is actually effortless, relaxed, and analog sounding.  If you guys come across one and willing to do a bit of DIY, you will be very pleased with the results.  They can easily compete with any headphones under a grand and then some.

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