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Since my bracelet was mentioned here, new bracelets seem like a reasonable post. It looks like three, but it's two. One is Gucci (not a brand I would usually wear, but I really like this; it has cat heads on the inside of the cuff ends!) and the other is a vintage-styled mesh-and-ring.   


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The new 50th speed master sets take over the top to a new level! I just like the experience at the beginning. My retail boxes also end up stored in the bottom of my safe, I have a a very large safe so I have more storage than my means will allow me to fill. 

In volume these boxes are super cheap to make, so I just feel like they are being lazy. I would also not hesitate to call out any other brand I have experience with that did the same. It's just in my small collection the rolex box sticks out. 

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